Plant based Pork Products

Learn more about our award-winning plant-based pork products, including the tasty Moving Mountains Hot Dog.

Pork Products

Moving Mountains
Hot Dog

Smoked on beech wood chips, our tasty plant-based hot dogs have an irresistible bouncy texture, perfect for a BBQ that you (and the planet) will love.

Gluten-free and made using sunflower seeds, the Moving Mountains Hot Dog has a delicious, naturally smoked flavour and a firm texture.

Moving Mountains
Sausage Burger

Our mouth-watering no sausage burger is perfect for a heart breakfast or indulgent dinner that you (and the planet) will love.

Try this versatile plant-based sausage burger for a hearty breakfast or lunch and even a delicious dinner.

Moving Mountains

Juicy and firm, our indulgent plant-based sausages are bursting with sizzling flavour for a classic British dish that you (and the planet) will love.

The Moving Mountains Sausage has a mind-blowing plant-based skin with a perfect firm bite and is bursting with flavour.

Moving Mountains

Seasoned to perfection, our indulgent plant-based meatballs are ideal for creating everyday recipes that you (and the planet) will love.

Moving Mountains
Brunch Burger

Perfect with a toasted English muffin, our sumptuous brunch burgers are delicious and juicy, for morning meals that you (and the planet) will love.