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What is the Flexitarian Moving Mountains® Burger?

What is the Flexitarian Moving Mountains® Burger?

Moving Mountains® have created the most impactful food invention of the century; plant-based meat that requires less land, water and produces less greenhouse emissions than what comes from producing a regular portion of animal meat, the Moving Mountains® Burger, which is a popular meat substitute not just for vegetarians and vegans, it’s the ultimate burger for flexitarians who have mixed feelings about their overall meat consumption. But with its texture so akin to animal meat, it will convert even the most committed carnivores.

What is the Flexitarian Moving Mountains® Burger?
Taste the unimaginable
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Together we can move mountains Flexitarian
Together we can move mountains

Together, we can build a better world. Together, we can move mountains – that’s the motto!

At Moving Mountains® we’ve worked our hardest to develop food that we feel is the closest replication of animal meat on the market. A product that is truly suitable for a Flexitarian diet. In order for this to have the biggest impact on the food chain we need you, the caring British public to spread the word.

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Bite into the Future

Why Plants?

  • Plants have less saturated fat
  • Plants increase fibre in your diet
  • Plants lower blood pressure
  • Plants enrich your diet with Omega-3s
  • Plants contribute to healthy skin

Why not?

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