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Lead a plant-based revolution in great taste and innovation.


Improve food sustainability and promote planet-friendly eating.


Enhance human health and increase animal welfare.

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Our Story
Where It All Began

2016 - Moving Mountains Founded

In 2016 Moving Mountains was founded. The team had one mission, to bring real, radical change to people’s everyday diet by providing a plant-based alternative that is genuinely competitive in taste, texture, and satisfaction to animal meat.

2018 - It Began with THE Burger

The team worked for two years with teams of food consultants and technologists, using the latest innovations in food technology to create the UK’s first plant-based “bleeding” Burger that was akin to meat in every way. The Burger was an incredible success and is now available in tens of thousands of locations across the globe.

2019 - More Meat Made From Plants

Not stopping with the Burger, the Moving Mountains teams determination to create further plant-based meat products saw the development and launch of the Hot Dog, Sausage, Meatballs and Mince in 2019. The products were widely praised by the media and consumers for their meaty taste and texture.

Just a year after its launch, the number of restaurant establishments serving the Moving Mountains® Burger was increasing across continents, including at Hard Rock Cafe locations across Europe, Applebees Dubai, and Spanish chains Carls Jr, Tony Roma, and Tommy Mels.

2020 - Supermarket Success

With constant requests for excellent plant-based meat at home, Sainsbury’s became the first UK supermarket to launch the Moving Mountains cook-at-home range, which also included the launch of the Sausage Burger and Beef Tender Strips.

After a fantastic reception in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, further retail listings were secured in the UK, EU, Middle East and Austrailia.

Not stopping there, three Moving Mountains products were awarded with multiple Great Taste Awards. With a 1-star award for the Hot Dog, 2-stars for the Sausage and the elusive 3-star award for the Sausage Burger.

2021 - Not Enough Fish in the Sea

Continuing to push plant-based innovation, Moving Mountains launched  our revolutionary new plant-based fish range, created to tackle the sustainability crisis in the oceans caused by over-fishing.

By enjoying our plant-based Fish Fingers and Fish Fillets, customers can now enjoy delicious, healthy, and sustainable plant-based fish that is free from mercury and micro-plastics.

The Moving Mountains Meatballs joined the success of the other products, winning a 1-star Great Taste Award, certifying Moving Mountains as The Guild of Fine Food’s most-awarded plant-based meat brand.

2022 & Beyond

Kicking off 2022 with a bang, Moving Mountains announced their new brand design, with a new distinct brand colour and a re-emphasis of its mission-driven foundation; to move mountains in taste, the environment, and health.

Expect even more exciting innovation from Moving Mountains in 2022 as we continue our commitment to tasty plant-based meat.

Our Impact

In 2018 we reviewed the environmental impact of the Moving Mountains® Burger in comparison with it’s beef counterpart in a life cycle assessment. The LCA results show a significant reduction in the amount of water, greenhouse gas emissions and land used in the life cycle of a Moving Mountains® Burger compared with beef.