Veganuary – Vegan Roast at Tredwells


As part of a Veganuary special menu, Chef Chantelle, owner of Tredwells Restaurant has been working hard creating the ultimate meat-free alternative to one of Britain’s best-loved meals – The Sunday Roast! Plant-based diners can now enjoy a traditional Sunday roast, Veganuary style.

Tredwell’s new Vegan Roast is a very special creation as it is made with the Moving Mountains® Burger at its base. The patty is combined with lentils, caramelised onions, and jackfruit for a delicious meat alternative. If that wasn’t enough, this is served with all the plant-based trimmings – no roast is complete without Yorkies and roast potatoes!

The Vegan Roast is available every Sunday in January for the Veganuary period. Reservations for Tredwells must be made in advance.


Chef Chantelle

If you have come across any other delicious creations using the Moving Mountains® Burger please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!