The Alchemist Launches Moving Mountains® Burger

The Alchemist Launches

The Alchemist launches the Moving Mountains® Burger in their new winter menu! Ready to transform carnivore comrades into passionate plant-powered people!

The burger is served in a potato burger bun with shredded lettuce, red onion, gherkin, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise – have a look at their menu here.

The Moving Mountains® Burger will be available at the following Alchemist locations from the following dates:

From 23rd October – Oxford/Bevis Marks

From 24th October – Cardiff/Nottingham/Newcastle/Chester

From 30th October – Liverpool/Birmingham /Greek St/Trinity

From 31st October – Media City/Spinningfields/New York Street


Opening Times:

Monday 8AM – 12AM

Tuesday 8AM – 12AM

Wednesday 8AM – 12AM

Thursday 8AM – 1AM

Friday 8AM – 2AM

Saturday 10AM – 2AM

Sunday 10AM – 11PM


The Alchemist Launches

The Moving Mountains® Burger Serve at The Alchemist, Bevis Marks