UK’s Largest Meat Market Smithfield To Stock First Food Tech Plant-Based Meat For First Time In 800 Year History

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Moving Mountains’® Plant-Based Burger Is Now Available At P.J. Martinelli, Based at Smithfield Meat Market


Moving Mountains®, the pioneering food-tech company leading in plant-based innovation, will be the first brand to supply Smithfield Market with plant-based meat in the London institution’s 800 year history.


The Moving Mountains’® plant-based burger is now available from meat supplier P.J. Martinelli, which has specialised in traditional meat products for over 30 years.


Smithfield Market, in the city of London, is the UK’s largest wholesale meat market and has traded in various forms for 800 years. P.J. Martinelli’s decision to stock Moving Mountains’® plant-based meat burger is a ground-breaking move and reflects the growing demand from consumers for a plant-based or flexitarian diet. Indeed, new research has revealed that 14% of the UK population now considers themselves to be a flexitarian.


Moving Mountains® is the perfect choice to lead this change. The British business uses food technology, incredible scientific process, specialised machines and local natural ingredients to create revolutionary plant-based alternatives that emulate meat in every way.


Paul Martinelli, Managing Director of P.J. Martinelli says: “We have trialled a wide range of plant-based products on the market and have no hesitation in recommending Moving Mountains® to our clients as the highest quality and best flavour in the marketplace. Our company always provides the widest choice and we see this as a natural addition to our product range.”


Simeon Van der Molen, Founder of Moving Mountains® comments: “Moving Mountains® is breaking ground with products that look, smell and taste like meat but are completely plant-based.


“This partnership with P.J. Martinelli at Smithfield Market is a momentous step for the plant-based movement and signifies how the tides are changing in the industry. Moving Mountains® is proud to be leading this change and we believe that one day only plant-based meat will be the best selling product at this historic meat market.”


The Moving Mountains® Burger is made using natural ingredients and the latest food technology so that it replicates animal meat in every way – it even bleeds through the middle with beetroot juice instead of blood.


Moving Mountains’® plant-based meat requires less land and water and produces less greenhouse emissions than animal meat, it can be enjoyed 100% guilt-free.


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