Moving Mountains® Launches UK’s First Plant-Based Sausage Burger In Sainsbury’s

British Brand That Revolutionised Plant-Based Meat In The UK Launches Groundbreaking Sausage Burger That Can Be Enjoyed At Any Time Of Day

Moving Mountains®, the pioneering British food tech company that launched the first plant-based bleeding burger in the UK, has launched the nation’s first plant-based Sausage Burger, which is available in Sainsbury’s (RRP £4.50).

The Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger can be purchased in the frozen aisle in-store and is made from 100% raw plant protein, 0% animal. By using simple and natural ingredients and incredible scientific processes, the Sausage Burger truly replicates meat and tastes and smells like the real thing.

The Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger combines the look and texture of a traditional sausage patty with the taste of pork. It is ideal to enjoy at any time of day, whether in the morning with a flavour-packed breakfast muffin, for lunch in a burger bun with BBQ sauce or for a delicious roast dinner, alongside apple sauce and all the trimmings. It is also the perfect plant-based addition to a barbecue and is delicious served with a fresh crispy salad.

The 4oz Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger can be cooked in just 12 minutes from frozen in a frying pan. It is deliciously seasoned and made from a combination of oyster mushrooms, pea and wheat protein:

  • Oyster Mushrooms are the base, which maintains the mouth-watering, succulent texture and differentiates the burger from US competitors. It provides health benefits including lowering cholesterol
  • Wheat and Soy proteins give a fibrous texture akin to the bite and depth of a traditional burger
  • Pea protein provides a source of protein and is rich in iron
  • Beetroot gives the Sausage Burger its great colouring
  • Oats help provide the firm structure of the Sausage Burger
  • Vitamin B12, traditionally associated with red meats, has been added so that the Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger can genuinely compete with meat burgers and provide more essential nutrients as the burger contains the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of B12

Each Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger contains zero cholesterol, is free from hormones and antibiotics, packed with 11g of of plant-based protein per 100g, and is only 284 calories per serving.


Simeon Van der Molen, Founder of Moving Mountains® says: “We can’t wait for customers to try the Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger, which is a diverse and delicious product that can be eaten at any time of the day including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it is perfect to serve when entertaining, for example, at a barbecue.

“For individuals who prefer the taste of pork to beef, this is the perfect product for them. As with the rest of the Moving Mountains® range, the Sausage Burger reflects the true taste and texture of meat, but is entirely made from plants for all to enjoy.

“It was also important for us to launch the Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger in the frozen aisle as there is less plastic packaging and less food waste in comparison to the chilled section. The Sausage Burger packaging is both recycled and and recyclable, which contributes to reducing the UK’s estimated 10 million tonnes of food waste¹.”


Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger (RRP £4.50 for a pack of two) is available to UK consumers now in over 400 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. The Sausage Burger is also currently on promotion at £3.90. Find your nearest branch here.

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