Moving Mountains® Launches into Retail in the Netherlands Across 350 Jumbo Supermarkets

Retail Netherlands

British Brand That Revolutionised Plant-Based Meat With First ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burger Launches Into Retail, Available Exclusively at Jumbo Supermarkets Across The Netherlands.

After the resounding success from their launch in the UK, Australia and several parts of Europe, Moving Mountains® is now available in retail in the Netherlands. Moving Mountains® are currently available in more than 4000 restaurants across Europe, including the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam. Now, the Moving Mountains® Burger and Sausage, which are made in the Netherlands, can be found in over 360 Jumbo supermarkets.

The plant-based Moving Mountains® Burger and Sausage, are so authentically ‘meaty’ that it can fool even the most committed carnivores. Even the biggest meat eaters and critics can no longer ignore this incredible innovation.


Simeon Van der Molen, Founder of Moving Mountains® says: “We are pleased that our products are now available in the Netherlands. In the restaurants, diners sometimes send their food back because they think there is something wrong with the order – they think it’s real meat. We take this as a compliment!”


The first sales figures from Jumbo have exceeded expectations as well. As it’s difficult to find a good plant-based substitute for sausages that’s available to buy in a supermarket, the Moving Mountains® Sausage is predicted to become popular.

Moving Mountains® products are perfect for anyone who wants to do their bit for the environment by consuming less meat but at the same time, not have to sacrifice the taste and texture of real meat. To develop the products, it took more than three years of research with over 500 test recipes and in collaboration with scientists, chefs and farmers. Furthermore, Moving Mountains® products are produced sustainably in the Netherlands and are packed with 90% less plastic consumption. From January 2020, you can find Moving Mountains products at supermarket chain Jumbo for the retail price of € 4.99.


Moving Mountains® Sausage (RRP € 4.99 for a pack of four) and Burger (RRP € 4.99 for a pack of two) is available in over 360 Jumbo supermarkets across the Netherlands. 

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