Moving Mountains ® Fish Fingers & Sausages Now Live on Ocado!

Moving Mountains Sausages & Fish Fingers Now at Ocado

Ocado Now Stocking Moving Mountains Plant-Based Fish Fingers & Sausages

Ocado have your family favorites covered stocking the Moving Mountains® Fish Fingers & Sausages.

The flavoursome Moving Mountains® Fish Fingers have a succulent flaky texture and are wrapped in crunchy golden breadcrumbs. Serve with chips and peas, in a sandwich or dunked straight into ketchup for a delicious plant-based treat.

And Moving Mountains® Sausages contain all-natural ingredients, sizzles when cooked and has a sumptuously juicy texture. The plant-based sausage has a mind-blowing plant-based skin with a perfect firm bite and is bursting with flavour.

Adding these two new Moving Mountains products to the already substantial range at Ocado , which includes our plant-based Burger, Sausage Burger, Hot Dogs, Beef Strips, Meatballs and Mince…

Go grab them from Ocado while you can!!!

 Moving Mountains Sausages Now at Ocado