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The Moving Mountains® Burger

What’s the Moving Mountains® Burger?

The Moving Mountains® Burger is a plant-based meat alternative to the British beef burger. Made with an all-natural blend of simple yet well thought out ingredients, consisting of; mushrooms, wheat, soy and pea proteins. We decided on mushroom for the juiciness, and the mouth-watering fibrous texture and appearance, soy & wheat for binding of the ingredients (which by the way also gives a wonderful browning when the burger is cooked), beetroot juice for the right hint of sweetness and blood like appearance and coconut oil for that little bit of greasiness that burger lovers crave. We also decided on added Vitamin B12 to help with your daily uptake and for those that believe they are missing out on them if not eating animal meat.

What are the full ingredients of the Moving Mountains® Burger?

Water, Mushroom, Soya Protein, Pea Protein, Wheat Protein, Coconut Oil, Beetroot, Flavouring, Sugar, Colouring, Vitamin B12, Preservative, Herbs, Vegetable Oil, Spices.

What is B12 and how much B12 is actually in each Burger?

The source of B12 naturally occurs from bacteria that can be found in the soil.

Farm animals should get their B12 from grazing on these plants, roots and grasses. With the advent of modern farming methods of caged animals and the industrialisation of the meat industry, many animals no longer roam free and B12 is fed as a supplement to them rather than them consuming it naturally.

Why not bypass the cow and get your B12 direct? No meat, straight plant!

Our burgers contain 100% RDA (recommended daily allowance) of B12 in each burger. Which is more than a regular 1/4 pound beef burger.


Can you explain the fat content in the burger?

The fat content of our burger comes from natural coconut oil, which contains zero trans-fat, zero cholesterol and is rich in antioxidants (unlike the unhealthy saturated fat found in beef burgers).

Coconut oil contains 63% medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which are unique in that they are easily absorbed and metabolised by the liver, and can be converted to ketones.

These MCFAs have been proven to provide an immediate source of energy rather than being stored as fat and a recent study with the University of Cambridge also found that coconut oil does not raise bad cholesterol and in fact boosted good cholesterol – not all saturated fat is created equally!

How do I cook the perfect Moving Mountains® Burger?

How you like your burger is totally up to you. That’s why we’re partnering with your favourite restaurants so they can have their own twist on The Moving Mountains® Burger  As a whole, we recommend to cook The Moving Mountains® Burger so the centre of still remains pink and juicy. Each location will serve it up differently so check our Locations page to get picking from or tag your favourite restaurant on Social Media using this link.

Is the Moving Mountains® Burger suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans?

Of course! Our products do not contain any animal ingredients, including dairy, eggs & animal fats. Moving Mountains® Burger patty itself is completely Vegan.

Does the Moving Mountains® Burger contain nuts?

Nope! No nuts in here. However, the burgers are made in a factory where nuts & dairy could be present.

How is the Moving Mountains® Burger healthy for me?

Well, the Moving Mountains® Burger is made from delicious fibrous plants and is free from; GMO, MSG, Antibiotics and Hormones which means our burger really is a good source of healthy, clean food. We were dead set on creating a burger that contained less saturated fats and zero cholesterol. So, for those who may want to improve their cholesterol reading our Moving Mountains® Burger may be the meat alternative you need.

There are a lot of myths around soy protein. Can you shed some light on these?

Soy often gets a bad rep in the press, but these are just myths. In fact, soy has been shown to reduce the risk heart disease, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

For those with concerns about the environmental impact of soy, our burger only requires a tiny fraction of the soy required to produce meat, and is therefore a much more efficient and sustainable alternative.

Why is this Moving Mountains® Burger important?

For three reasons;

  1. Plants are the future, animals are no longer a sustainable food source.
  2. With choosing plants there is no suffering and torture of animals through industrialized farming methods.
  3. There are proven health benefits of reducing your consumption of meat.

What effect does animal agriculture have on the planet?

Probably too many facts to squeeze in. However, here’s some food for thought;

  • Cows produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day, 86 times that of CO2.
  • Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land.
  • 2,500 gallons of water is needed to produce 1 pound of beef.
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of the Amazon destruction.
  • Worldwide, at least 50% of grain is fed to livestock.

Should we say more?

Where is the Moving Mountains® Burger available?

Moving Mountains® have most recently partnered with over 500 locations so far in the UK and internationally in TGI’s in the Netherlands.

Check our Locations Page for details.

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Why does the Moving Mountains® Burger bleed?

A question that so many are keen to know. And of course, it’s not animal blood! Beetroot juice allows a juicy, bleed throughout the centre of the patty.

Moving Mountains®

What and who is Moving Mountains®?

Founded by Simeon Van Der Molen, Moving Mountains® is a company owned by Ecozone® Ltd. The parent company has been active with plant-based cleaning for over 17 years. For Simeon, the motivation to start Moving Mountains® was simply; “Why stop at cleaning? If we, as a company can make the impact on many to change not only what we consume and use around us in the home as products, then why can’t we make an impact on the negatives in the food chain also?”.

Does Moving Mountains® test on animals?

We’re proud to say that we’ve never tested on animals or never will. None of our ingredients contains animal products or bi-products either!

What’s next for Moving Mountains®?

Moving Mountains® is developing further plant-based food products to continue providing consumers with not only better meat-alternative options to choose from, but for the better of their health and to encourage better decisions made by consumers for the benefit of the planet.

Have more questions?

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Where are Moving Mountains® products available?

Check our Locations Page for full details.

When will Moving Mountains® products be available near me?

We’re always adding to our list of Stockists and have plans to expand the number of locations where our products can be eaten fresh at.

Check back regularly on our website or keep up to speed with our social accounts as we’ll always announce any new ongoings here first.