Throwback – Thoughts from Elsa Eats about The Moving Mountains® Burger and Plant-Based Meat

plant-based meat

Throwback to when we sat down with local food blogger Elsa Eats to get an honest, meat-eater’s opinion on the Moving Mountains Burger and plant-based meat alternatives. Thanks to Elsa for coming along to our preview at Harvey Nichols Manchester, and for sharing her thoughts with us below.

What did you think of the Moving Mountains x Harvey Nichols burger serve?

I was surprised by how closely the Moving Mountains Burger resembled the texture of meat. The addition of beetroot also gave it that meat-like colour which is useful in helping to fool the brain as to what you are actually eating. The burger was topped with cos lettuce, beef tomato, ginger mayonnaise, chimichurri, vegan cheese and served with courgette tempura and Asian slaw, all of which I enjoyed. It’s a really good alternative for any vegetarian or vegan who misses eating burgers.

Did you have any preconceptions about plant-based meat before you tried the Moving Mountains® Burger?

I’ve tried seitan and jackfruit prior to trying the Moving Mountains Burger®, so I was expecting something similar. The flavour of the Moving Mountains Burger® was definitely more ‘meaty’ compared to either of these options.

You’re a meat-eater, but committed to reducing your meat intake. Would you count yourself as a flexitarian?

I generally dislike labels but I suppose if you had to put a name to it, that would be it. My dietary consumption tries to take into account sustainability factors, so I try to reduce my meat consumption for this reason. Everyone should also be consuming more fruit and vegetables as the quality of our soil has degraded over the years and there are fewer nutrients in the soil and thus anything we grow now.

What is the biggest challenge you find in reducing your meat intake?

I think making sure I get enough nutrients. At the moment, I still occasionally consume meat as plant iron is harder for the body to absorb than iron from meat. Subscribing to a local vegetable box scheme has definitely helped with getting me cooking without adding meat.

From your perspective, what is the most important reason as to why we should all be looking to eat less meat?

Cattle farming, in particular, is not good for the planet due to the number of cattle required to satisfy current beef and dairy consumption. Livestock and particularly cows produce a lot of methane which is more damaging to the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide as it traps more heat. To protect the planet we live on, we all must start consuming less meat.

What are the problems the world faces in trying to cut down our meat consumption? Where does Moving Mountains sit within this?

As Moving Mountains gives you the taste of a burger without using actual meat, it sits well within a market that wishes to make an eco-friendlier choice but is struggling to give up burgers.

plant-based meat

The Moving Mountains® Burger at Harvey Nichols, Manchester

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