Moving Mountains® Meets Consumer Demand For Online Grocery Shopping With Launch Of Cook-At-Home Range On Amazon


Moving Mountains® ‘Bleeding’ Burger, Hot Dog & Sausage Burger Now Available On Amazon Prime Now & Amazon Fresh For Home Delivery

Moving Mountains®, the pioneering, independent British food tech company has responded to increasing consumer demand for online grocery shopping by enhancing its digital sales offering. The brand has partnered with Amazon to list its revolutionary Bleeding Burger, Hot Dog and Sausage Burger for home delivery across the UK.

Consumers are now able to purchase Moving Mountains® cook-at-home range on Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Fresh. During a period where consumers are spending more time in the kitchen than ever and looking for delicious yet healthy products, Moving Mountains® is dedicated to providing compelling plant-based choices to the nation.

The Moving Mountains® Bleeding Burger (RRP £4.50) is made from 100 per cent plant meat, 0 per cent cow and looks just like a regular patty. When cooked in the pan or BBQ, it sizzles, smells and browns just like the real thing.  And just like the very best juicy burger, when perfectly cooked, the Moving Mountains® Burger bleeds through the middle – with beetroot juice instead of animal blood.

Seven million of the revolutionary patties were sold in the last year in restaurants alone. Institutions like Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood are among the 4000 outlets serving the burger nationwide.

The Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger (RRP £4.50) is a trailblazing innovation. Delicately seasoned and made from a combination of oyster mushrooms, pea and wheat protein, the plant-based Moving Mountains® Sausage Burger combines the look and texture of a traditional sausage patty with the taste of pork. The 4oz burger can be cooked in just 12 minutes from frozen in a frying pan.

The Moving Mountains® Hot Dog (RRP £4.50) can be enjoyed in fifteen minutes after being heated in simmering water. By using simple and natural ingredients and the latest food technology, Moving Mountains® has turned sunflower seeds into a vitamin rich and gluten free hot dog that replicates a pork hot dog in every way.


Simeon Van der Molen, Founder of Moving Mountains® says: “We are responding to increased demand for online grocery shopping by partnering with Amazon to list our cook-at-home range on Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.

“With the expanded availability of our ground-breaking Moving Mountains® Bleeding Burger, Hot Dog, and Sausage Burger, we are fulfilling our mission to make truly inspiring flexitarian cuisine available for home cooking at a time when the nation needs more plant-based choices than ever.”


The Moving Mountains® range is made from 100 per cent plant protein and zero per cent animal, is free of hormones, antibiotics and GMO ingredients. Each one tastes and smells just like the real thing. By using simple and natural ingredients and incredible scientific processes, the range replicates animal meat in taste and texture.

The future of eating well for health and for the planet, the Moving Mountains’® range generates less greenhouse gas emissions and requires less resources than animal meat to produce, but looks, smells and tastes just as indulgent. Indeed, according to a 2020 Life Cycle Assessment to review the environmental impact of the Moving Mountains® ‘bleeding’ Burger, it uses 92% less greenhouse gas emissions and 70% less water when compared to the production of beef. The range also uses less packaging than chilled food products, with zero plastic and contributes to reducing the UK’s estimated 10 million tonnes of food waste, with the extended frozen shelf life.


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